The last few weeks I spent looking into Microsoft Azure. I followed along with the fundamental learning paths, but I also focused mostly on the spring boot part. Here are some findings.

Azure Spring Cloud workshop

The Azure Spring Cloud Workshop is a nice overview how to deploy your spring boot application to Azure.


Spring Data has a great declarative way of defining queries, called derived queries. Suppose you have a Person class with an email field. Then you can define the following method in a Repository interface:

public interface PersonRepository extends JpaRepository<Person,Long>{
List<Person> findByEmail(String email);

Spring derives the query based on the method name, in this case a query to retrieve all persons with a given value for the email field.

As you can see, the method returns a List. If you want to process all Persons, that is ok. …

Over the last decade, I experienced a good change in the recruitment process. Before, your seniority was mainly measured by the number of certificates you received. Today it is no longer the only tool to determine if a candidate will deliver what he promises.

Improved recruitment at Design Is Dead

At Design Is Dead, recruitment has shifted gears. We aim to make the recruitment as light as possible.

1. Candidates submit their application.
2. If the candidate claims to have experience and knowledge in his CV, we invite the candidate for an interview.
3. We usually conduct a very informal interview, but technical questions are asked…

Pieter-Jan Drouillon

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