Adventures with Microsoft Azure

The last few weeks I spent looking into Microsoft Azure. I followed along with the fundamental learning paths, but I also focused mostly on the spring boot part. Here are some findings.

Azure Spring Cloud workshop

The Azure Spring Cloud Workshop is a nice overview how to deploy your spring boot application to Azure.


  • Something nowhere mentioned is that you get a Eureka Discover compatible server OOTB :) You just need to add the Eureka Discovery Client dependency.

Toy service — the profanity service

I had an additional day to spend on Azure. I wanted to use the azure content moderation service. I only needed a source to get some questionable content. And then I remembered this twitter account

fuck u

- Developers Swearing (@gitlost) November 8, 2020

And its follow-up tweet

fuck u again

- Developers Swearing (@gitlost) November 8, 2020

So I made these services:

  • TwitterServiceusing twitter4j returning the last 20 tweets as Strings

To make it more visual, I refreshed my jQuery skills and sorted the tweets based on each of the 3 scores.

All in all, it was a fun project to work on. Unfortunately it no longer is available online as my free credit is already used.

Originally published at on November 3, 2020.